Border Patrol Academy – Artesia, NM

When you become a Border Patrol candidate you will be required to enter the training academy and complete a very demanding and rigorous law enforcement training.  CBP training lasts for 55 days and is located in Artesia, New Mexico.

The training consists of both physical fitness tests and extensive training in law enforcement subjects.  The courses at the academy are broken into two groups – US Border Patrol and Federal Law Enforcement (FLETC) courses.


Border Patrol Courses include:

  • Criminal Law and Statutory Authority
  • Spanish Language proficiency
  • Border Operations
  • Firearms care and use
  • Physical Training
  • Motor Vehicle Operation
  • Anti-Terrorism

Federal Law Enforcement Courses include:

  • Ethics and Conduct
  • Writing Reports
  • Communications
  • Computer training
  • Fingerprinting
  • Constitutional Law

Prior to starting the Border Patrol training academy it is a very good idea to begin physical fitness training at least a few months prior to entry, practice  your Spanish if needed and get a copy of a current study guide.


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